Rachel McAdams shares the reasons behind her decision to decline significant roles in Casino Royale, Iron Man, and other notable films.

During a recent interview with Bustle, Rachel McAdams revealed that she had turned down several major film roles, including parts in Casino Royale, The Devil Wears Prada, Iron Man, Mission: Impossible III, and Get Smart, after gaining success with Mean Girls and The Notebook.

McAdams admitted to sometimes feeling a sense of regret about passing on these opportunities, but ultimately believes that the right actors were chosen for those roles. Ironically, all five of the movies that McAdams declined turned out to be blockbuster hits and were released between 2006 and 2008. All of them were huge, and all of them would have definitely altered the trajectory of her career.

Reflecting on her past, Rachel McAdams acknowledges a combination of remorse and a positive outlook. She explains, “At the time, I felt guilty for not taking full advantage of the opportunities that were presented to me. I was aware of my fortunate position, but I also realized that it didn’t align with my personality and mental well-being. I had moments of anxiety where I questioned whether I was making the right decision by not pursuing those opportunities.

There’s certainly things like ‘I wish I’d done that,'” she added. “I step back and go, These days, McAdams, who is the mother of a son and daughter that she shares with partner Jamie Linden, is still prioritizing family even while working on projects. During filming for “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” the actress’ sister, Kayleen McAdams, was her on-set makeup artist

Kayleen McAdams also shared with Bustle that she and her sister Rachel rented houses beside each other while filming the movie “Margaret.” According to Kayleen, their eldest children became best friends, while their younger ones were born only three months apart and also formed a close bond. Kayleen said that she and Rachel enjoyed the opportunity to work together while their kids played together every day. During breaks in filming, they would sneak off to grab a snack and pump milk for their babies since they were both nursing at the time. Kayleen found it amusing to witness Rachel playing the role of a mother to a teenage daughter on set while also considering her own future as a parent.

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